Meditation Gift Ideas - What Are the Most Calming Gifts?

Meditation Gift Ideas - What Are the Most Calming Gifts?

Are you hoping to get a gift for someone in your life who just needs to relax, destress, and find more peace and happiness?   Whether they already practice meditation or could use some mediation tools to help them get started, there are actually many amazing gifts you can get for them. The gifts that are mentioned here today can help someone reduce anxiety, work on focus and self-reflection, attract positive energy, be more mindful, and just practice meditation in a much more enlightened manner. From mala beads to solution stones to relaxation cards, you can find the perfect meditation gift for anyone in your life. And make sure to get something for yourself too! 

Buddha Board

If you know someone in your life that just wants to let go of what is holding them back, a buddha board would be the perfect gift. Your loved one or friend can draw on this board over and over again. As the ink fades away, it reminds them to stay in the present moment. A great idea for this board would be to write stressors, anxieties, and worries on the board. As someone sees these things fading away, they can feel much calmer.

Mala Beads

Another one of the best meditation gift ideas is mala beads. These beads are great for people who are meditating often. Traditionally, there are 108 beads on malas. These can often be worn as a bracelet or necklace. As your loved one or friend holds their mala beads, they can repeat a mantra or count their breaths. Wearing these mala beads daily can remind your loved one or friend to meditate and set intentions for their day. Some of the mala beads might increase spiritual awareness, circulation, repel negativity, and improve awareness in one’s day.  

Gemstones are also popular and many have very calming effects.  My favorite is the Labradorite Bracelet which pushes away negative energy, embraces confidence, and promotes healing.

Meditation Coloring Books

If your loved one or friend enjoys coloring, but they also need to meditate or relax, a meditation coloring book would be a great option. These coloring books can help someone to relieve their stress, express themselves, and have a meditative experience. They allow people to live in the moment, accept any imperfections they may have, and experiment. There are so many different types of meditation coloring books.

Singing Bowl Set

A beautiful meditation gift idea would be a singing bowl set. There are many different sets that you could choose for your loved one or friend. These look great sitting on a shelf. However, they also help with silent meditation and push away bad spirits.

Incense or Essential Oils

You can find so many different types of incense and essential oils online and in stores. Each one has a different aroma. Some of these include sunrise, rain forest, jasmine blossom, eucalyptus, blessings, sandalwood, and more. You can also get a wide range of essential oils, as well. Any incense or essential oil can allow someone to go into a deeper state of meditation. Your loved one or friend can burn the incense or smell essential oils whenever they need to relax, meditate, or just feel a sense of calm in their life.

Solution Stones

You could also choose to get your loved one or friend some solution stones. If someone in your life is trying to achieve less stress and more clarity in their life, these meditation stones would make for a perfect gift. There is something so calming about solution stones. Someone can fidget with them to relieve stress or anxiety. They can also be used to relieve tension.

Meditation Cushion

If your loved one or friend wants a specified spot where they can meditate, you should get them a meditation cushion. This way they can take it wherever they go. For instance, if they are at a park, they can place the cushion on the ground, so they can meditate comfortably. They can also put the cushion in their home, in the front yard, or even take it on vacation with them. A meditation cushion is a wonderful way to make meditation more relaxing.

Tea Meditation and Relaxation Pack

When trying to find the perfect meditation gift ideas, why not think about something your loved one or friend could drink or eat. There are a variety of teas that promote relaxation, calmness, serenity, stress-relief, and restfulness. You can even find tea meditation and relaxation packs online. Some of these have lavender in them which is one of the most relaxing aromas.

Crystal Healing Sets

Did you know that crystals are an amazing tool to promote and enhance deeper meditation? For some people, crystals can seem scary. However, with some time your loved one or friend can get used to the stone’s energy. Then, they can connect to the 7 chakra stones. A crystal healing set can be truly beneficial for their meditative practices.

Relaxation Cards

You can look online and in some local stores to find a variety of relaxation card sets. Basically, this is a set of cards that has meditative or relaxation exercises on them. Each card will give your loved one or friend an exercise to help promote mindfulness, self-awareness, anxiety relief, and much more. Your loved one or friend can keep these with them at all times. That way, when they are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed they can read a card and do the meditative practice.

Meditation Journal

Yes, your loved one or friend could just write in a regular notebook. However, if you want to find someone in your life a great meditation gift a meditation journal is a great choice. Many meditation journals have specific meditation writings for someone to do. For instance, the journal might say , “Write 10 things that help you to relax and pick one of those things to do today.”


These are some of the best meditation gift ideas that you could get for your loved one or friend. Whether you get someone in your life solution stones, 7 chakra stones, mala beads, a meditation journal, or any other meditation gift, each one of these things can help promote more meditation and relaxation in their life.

Remember to have fun, be good to yourself, and keep the balance. We want to make all your spaces happy places! Thanks so much for shopping with us at Uneedum!

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