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Labradorite Gemstone Bracelet with Rainbow Moonstone

Labradorite Gemstone Bracelet with Rainbow Moonstone

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Why I love this -  Transformation is a big focus for me this year.  Plus, the stones are gorgeous and it goes with pretty much everything,  

Push away negative energy, embrace confidence, and promote healing with the Blue Labradorite Bracelet! This all natural bracelet is handmade using only genuine gemstones and crystals. Together, the labradorite and moonstones show brilliant flashes of color when light hits them!

Labradorite is a stone of transformation and confidence, enhancing strength of will and inner worth.  Labradorite aids the Throat and Third Eye Chakras

Rainbow Moonstone, also known as White Labradorite. is a powerful healing stone that brings inner peace, strength and love. 

  • Genuine Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone
  • Choose 7" or 8" Size
  • Stretch bracelet

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