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White Himalayan Salt Obelisk Shaped Lamp

White Himalayan Salt Obelisk Shaped Lamp

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This beautiful and original White Himalayan Salt Lamp is Obelisk shaped and brings a touch of style with all the benefits of Himalayan Salt.  The obelisk salt lamp is carved from a single stone.  These lamps contain 84 minerals and trace elements.  

Each salt lamp comes with an attractive rosewood base, an UL approved cords SPT-2 with fixture and the switch that can take up to 75W and a standard candelabra based bulb. (Replacement bulbs can be purchased anywhere in the US.) 

  • The heated salt crystal releases negative ions to balance the content of positive and negative ions in the air when lit.
  • Gross Weight: 8lb
  • Length: 4 " . Width: 4 " . Height: 11 "

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