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Travel Yoga Mat - Reversible and Antimicrobial

Travel Yoga Mat - Reversible and Antimicrobial

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Why I love this - This mat is super lightweight and easy to clean. Its my favorite travel mat!

The Reversible Eco-friendly Yoga mat comes with embossed pattern in different colors. With its elasticity, durability, light weight and antimicrobial properties, it is the perfect travel companion. The non-sticky and slip-resistant rubber surface provides great stability for your yoga practice almost anywhere. The mat can also be used for Pilates and floor exercises.  This slip resistant mat is great for poses held for a long time.

  • Size: 24” x 68” x 4mm thick 
  • 2-Tone Mat: Comes in reversible 2-tone embossed pattern with comfortable cushioning to support your body.
  • Can be recycled and reused after discarding
  • Non-Slip & Non-sticky: The rubber gives a slip resistant and non-sticky surface and provide stability on hard and soft surfaces
  • Travel companion: Its anti-microbial properties which makes it easy to clean, durability, elasticity and light weight makes it a portable Yoga mat.

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