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Meditation Coin - Come As You Are Mantra Medallion

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We created the Come As You Are Meditation Coin to give you the reminder you need that to love and cherish yourself.

The imagery on the Mantra Medallion offers a visual representation of love, tranquility and harmony with the self, and with nature. A heart is placed right in the center, symbolizing the innate love present at the core of each one of us. The mindfulness symbol surrounding the figure is a sign to return to the present moment, to let go of any suffering from the past, and avoid worrying about the future. The tree of life weaves its way around the edges, signifying life, growth, strength and abundance.

Meditate with your Come As You Are Meditation Coin, keep it with you throughout your day, or put it on display in your home or office to remember to let go of who you think you should be, and embrace your splendor!
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