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Himalayan Salt Lamp Vase

Himalayan Salt Lamp Vase

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This beautiful and original Himalayan Salt Lamp Vase has all the benefits of Himalayan Salt and serves as a functional display piece.  The Himalayan Salt used in the carving of the vase is mined deep underground from the Himalayan mountains. 

Each salt lamp comes with an attractive rosewood base, an UL approved cords SPT-2 with fixture and the switch that can take up to 75W and a standard candelabra based bulb. (Replacement bulbs can be purchased anywhere in the US.) 

  • The heated salt crystal releases negative ions to balance the content of positive and negative ions in the air when lit.
  • Gross Weight: 7.00lb
  • Length: 5.5 " . Width: 5.5 " . Height: 7 "

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