Best Stones for Anxiety - Maintaining Serenity in Your Life

Best Stones for Anxiety - Maintaining Serenity in Your Life

Anxiety affects millions of people around the world - kids, teenagers, young adults, older adults, and senior citizens. Virtually no one is immune to anxiety. With the world in chaos from COVID and winter currently being here, anxiety is hitting people harder than ever. With that being said, what can people do about their anxiety, especially these days? If you want a truly magnificent way to ease anxiety, there are many stones for anxiety that you can try. These stones can give you natural benefits and help to focus, relax, and calm your mind and body.  The simple act of holding or rubbing the stone can be a powerful method for clearing your mind and bringing down your level of anxiety. 

Why Meditation Stones?

Meditation stones are a tool that you can use to reduce anxiety.  While certain types of stones may bring added benefits, the stone in and of itself can be a powerful relaxation aid.  Just like the fidget spinner or stress ball, or a visual focal point (drishti), meditation stones can help you obtain a deeper level of calm, concentration, and inward focus.  

Alleviate Your Anxiety with Amethyst

If you have never seen amethyst before, you have got to get an amethyst stone. This stone is filled with tranquil, relaxing purple hues. It is known as a purifying, healing, and protective stone. For those who feel they are filled with anxiety, an amethyst stone can help to clear the mind and the body of those anxieties. This type of stone should be kept with you at all times. It truly is a thing of beauty. Not only can an amethyst stone help you get negative thoughts out of your mind, but it can also help to transform your being. When you use an amethyst stone, it can help you to bring more positivity and calmness into your life. Do you want to settle down the chatter and worries in your mind? Would you like to finally feel at peace in your life?  Are you tired of staying up late at night with anxious thoughts running through your mind? If so, an amethyst stone would be very beneficial.

Releasing Your Anxiety with Rhodonite

Rhodonite is another one of the best stones for anxiety. This is a stone that is known for its compassion benefits. Most people find that rhodonite is very powerful. For some people, whenever they are even in the same room as rhodonite, they feel their anxiety be lifted out of them. In addition to helping to release the thoughts, emotions, and other stuff that isn’t serving you, this stone for anxiety can help to get your feelings in order. Your mind and heart no longer have to be a jumble of mixed-up feelings and thoughts. When using rhodonite, you can clear away your anxiety and make room for more organized thoughts.

Composing Yourself with Citrine

Do you feel that you need some composure in your life? If your anxiety has gotten the best of you - maybe you have even broken down a time or two from your anxiety - citrine can help. You are not alone. Many others have used citrine to optimize their life and you can, as well. This stone for anxiety is known as a stone for wonder, enthusiasm, joy, and contentment. No matter what area of your life you have anxiety with, citrine can help you to let go of those anxieties and compose yourself. If you ever just need to wind down and release anxiety, sit with your citrine stone and let it all go.

Mellow Out with Moonstone

When you go about your day, do you find that you are often filled with distress? Do your anxieties cause your heart to race and your speech to speed up? When you are anxious, do you find that you sweat or get really nervous? There are all sorts of things that can occur due to anxiety. You might feel like your mind is running a marathon. If you would like to mellow out and relax, moonstone is the stone that you need. This stone is known for calmness, protection, encouragement, new beginnings, and growth. When you work with moonstone, you can let go of the things that cause you stress and anxiety. You can let go of the things that cause you fear. From there, you can stabilize your emotions and move forward with intention, calmness, and positivity.

Relish the Love with Rose Quartz

When you are filled with anxieties, do you find that you can’t show yourself love? Maybe you get so down on yourself because you didn’t get enough work done or you didn’t do something quickly enough. Maybe you are hard on yourself because you can’t keep up with your house-cleaning or you can’t do everything for everyone. What about yourself? You may need to focus on self-love. Rose quartz is the perfect stone for you. When working with this stone for anxiety, you can let go of the things that cause you anxiety. You can understand that you are one person and you are only human. You can’t do it all at once or all on your own. It is okay to give yourself a break. In time, this stone will not only help you love yourself again, but it will help you release anxiety. It will also help inspire your creative side, allow you to be in the present, and open up your heart to bigger and better things.

Bring the Heavens to You with Celestite

Have you been extremely anxious lately? One of the reasons why some people experience so much anxiety is because they lose sight of their celestial and spiritual side? Maybe it has been a while since you have connected to your Higher Power - whatever that might be for you. If this is the case, celestite is a powerful stone for anxiety that could be beneficial to you. It is said that this stone comes from the heavens. Celestite can help to reconnect you with your spiritual side. It can help you to connect with angels, otherworldly realms, and divine powers. It is no wonder why this stone is so great for anxiety. You are literally letting go of what doesn’t serve you and giving it to the heavens. If you are ready to open your mind and heart up to new experiences and let go of the anxiety that has been holding you back, you should definitely get some celestite stones.


Meditation stones are an effective tool to help you focus, clear your mind, and reduce your anxiety.   Use them for meditation, for a calming start to your day, or take them with you for a quick destress anytime.  Any stone will do.  However, add in the power of a gemstone or crystal and you can gain an extra advantage.  I've listed here some of the best stones for anxiety. Now that you have this list, you can start building up your collection. These stones will not only help you get rid of your anxiety, but they will open up your heart, mind, and body to positivity, happiness, joy, self-love, and magnificence.


Remember to have fun, be good to yourself, and keep the balance. We want to make all your spaces happy places! 

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