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Zabuton Meditation Cushion

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Why I love this - It may be a bit more expensive, but the quality is worth it!  It has a gentle lift which makes a big difference on my back when I am meditating and its a touch larger than most standard cushions.

The Zabuton Meditation cushion offers comfort & support during long meditation sessions for all lotus and cross-legged positions, great knee support and gives sit bones lift to support alleviating lower back strain. Its 100% cotton twill cover gives breathability and absorbency.

  • Size: 24" X 30" X 3"

Knee support: If you prefer to kneel, turn on its side and it offers great comfort & support to your knees

Back Support: Helps to facilitate a proper posture for a prolonged period when you are in a seating position where your back isn’t supported. They help to stabilize your back and to keep your spine aligned.

100% cotton cover: Cotton offers decent breathability and absorbency. It is completely free of allergens, synthetics and chemicals and they are easy to care for.

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