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What is Selenite and Is it Right for You?

What is Selenite?

With selenite being so pale and beautiful, just looking at it is enough to help you purify your mind and soul. It is so soothing. There is a long history of selenite bringing harmony, soul healing, and protection to one’s home, mind, and body. In addition, when holding this very light stone, you can just remember that we should move through our life with gentleness and ease.

There is a story of Selenite being connected to Selene, a Greek Goddess. Selene lit up the nights and had a soothing personality. Due to the meaning and history behind selenite, it is known for being a spiritual stone.

Selenite can help bring peace, open-mindedness, and purity to one’s life. If you want this for yourself or someone you love or care about, you can get a Selenite Lamp. These can be placed anywhere in one’s home or office to help promote mind and body purification.

Selenite and How It Heals

You now know that Selenite helps bring peace and purification to your life, but what else can it do for you? First of all, it can bring you to a place in your life where you are ready to grow and become your best self. There are some other physical, emotional, mental, and metaphysical healing properties of selenite you may want to know about, as well.
Physical Healing
Selenite is rich in physical healing properties. Research shows that selenite can help to align the spine, correct some skeletal issues, strengthen the spine, and reverse damage to cells. It  can also help to keep your eyes, hair, and skin bright and clear. If you would like to feel youthful again, selenite could help you to do that.

Emotional and Mental Healing
Selenite looks like a combination of milk and sweet honey. For many people who get a Selenite Lamp, they instantly find it helps them to worry less. They have fewer anxieties and stressors weighing down their heart and soul. This stone is meant to bring a light to your life. It helps you stop those negative thoughts that keep bringing you down. When you have selenite around, you might find you are able to think clearer than you have in a long time. You can let go of judgments you have had of others and of yourself. If you want to feel liberated, a Selenite Lamp and other Zen gifts can help with that.

Metaphysical Healing
Do you want to shift your energy blocks? Would you like to stop limiting yourself? If you have selenite around, it can keep your energy and light flowing. It can help you open your mind up to new possibilities that the universe is offering you. If you would like to have more love, compassion, and cleansing in your life, a Selenite Lamp can bring this to you. Selenite is often used in reiki for communicating with angel realms, opening psychic capabilities, letting go of things that aren’t needed in life, and help you get into varied states of consciousness.

How to Use Selenite

There are many ways that selenite is used. There are people who make jewelry with it, use it in their office, bringing peace to their home with a Selenite Lamp, or Selenite Wands and much more. If you are trying to bring love, light, calmness, purification, and more to your life or the life of someone you love or care about, selenite can help you to do that.

Home or Office
Selenite is deeply healing. If you would like to bring that healing energy into your home or office, putting a Selenite Lamp into the space can help. The lamp can bring more harmony to your home or office. It can fill the space with positive energy. The selenite can help to keep negative energy out of your home or office, as well.

There are many different products that are made with selenite. This is due to the fact that this stone is so purifying, positive, calming, and peaceful. If you are looking to bring selenite into your home or office or if you want to give someone the gift of positivity, you can get a Selenite Lamp.

Is Selenite Right for You?

Not everyone will like selenite or it won’t be as powerful as they would like it to be. However, there are some ways to know if selenite is right for you. Do you want to bring more peace into your life? Would you like to have more clarity in your life? Do you want to have high healing vibrations in your life? Do you have someone in your life  that needs these things? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then selenite could be right for you. Even if you don’t get a powerful reaction when bringing selenite into your home or office, that doesn’t mean the healing properties aren’t there.


There are so many different stones and crystals that you could get. Each one of them has their own benefits. Selenite is powerful and positive in numerous ways. It can help to bring peace, clarity, purification, and much more to your life.

Remember to have fun, be good to yourself, and keep the balance. We want to make all your spaces happy places! 

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