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Solution Stones - Tools for Anxiety and Meditation

I love the use of tools or aids to help me relax, focus, and think.  Solution Stones are a tool I use daily for meditation and anxiety reduction. Such a simple and all natural tool - its amazing how well they work.  

These stones come from the shores of the Outer Banks, NC.  They are smooth and have a unique size and curvature that fits your thumb perfectly.  There was just something calming about holding the stone and letting it glide between your thumb and forefinger.

Sometimes these are called thumb stones or worry stones.  They have a positive impact on my serenity so Solution Stones seems like better name.  Personally, I love them and completely believe in the power of tools (especially natural ones) to help us relax, focus, and think.  The smoothness of the stone is created naturally by running water, in this case the tides of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is a versatile aid for self-calming and meditation. It may be as small as a thumbprint or as large as the palm of your hand.  Other names for Solution Stones include worry stone, fidget stone, soothing stone, sensory stone, or thumb stone. Its ability to help calm and relax you may be the best reason to choose one. Its smooth surface creates a pleasant sensation on the skin of the thumb during rubbing. It's easy to use in any situation.

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Simply carry it with you in your pocket or purse. You don't have to learn any complex techniques to use it – Solution Stones are used by holding the stone between the index finger and thumb and gently moving one's thumb back and forth across the stone. This action of moving one's thumb back and forth across the stone can reduce stress, help you focus, and clear your mind.  Research has shown that physical activity—even slight touch or movement—interrupts the brain from playing negative thoughts. Rub your Solution stone between thumb and forefinger whenever anxiety strikes. While it may not solve your problems, it will diminish the intensity of the worry and help you move toward positive solutions.

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