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Adding a Rustic Touch to Your Home

Modern and contemporary-style homes can sometimes feel a little...cold. If you are trying to improve the atmosphere of your home so that it is more comforting and welcoming for you and your family as well as guests, then you should consider adding a rustic touch. Rustic home designs are known for their natural feel and warmer, inviting design elements. The following are a few elements that you could find in an old-fashioned farmhouse that are perfect for adding a country cottage touch to your home.  

Wood and Metal Accents - Add pieces with wood and metal accents to your home to create the country chic and farmhouse kitchen style.  Trays, cloches, racks, and wall hangings using galvanized metal, chicken wire, and reclaimed wood are authentic choices.  We have a great selection of metal décor for you to choose from. 

Weathered wood flooring - Most rustic-style homes are known for their use of wood. Wood helps to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which is why it's perfect for your floors. Consider using reclaimed wood in order to give your floors some character. Imperfections in wood help give it a unique look. Other options include maple, oak and pine wood, which all tend to have a strong wood grain as well as dents and knots to give your home a weathered appearance.

Sliding barn doors - Doors that swing open tend to take up a lot of space, which is why sliding doors are such a great alternative. By adding sliding barn doors to an interior space of your home, you'll not only create a stunning rustic focal point, you'll be able to close off spaces and open them up as you desire.

Butcher block countertops - Farmhouses tend to be all about function, which is exactly what a butcher block countertop provides.  They give the kitchen a more family-friendly and casual atmosphere that's much more welcoming than industrial-style kitchens. Not able to invest in butcher block counters?  No problem. Add butcher block and reclaimed or distressed wood accents to achieve the same feel.

Farmhouse sinks - Farmhouse sinks provide a number of advantages over typical double-basin sinks. First of all, you'll be able to fit larger items into a farmhouse sink, making it easier to both wash pots and pans as well as fill them up with water or prepare food. They also provide a unique look to the kitchen.

These are just a few farmhouse elements that you should consider implementing into your home design in order to create a rustic feel that is both comforting and inviting.  One or two accents can change the whole feel of a room.  Shop home accents at Uneedum.

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