Mindful Gifts for Christmas

Mindful Gift Ideas for Christmas - Give Meaning and Calm

Choosing that special gift for a friend or family member can take a lot of time and thought. Say no to electroinices this year and encourage your peeps to pause, breathe, and refresh. 

Mindful gifts are a great choice that can bring a sense of Zen and calmness to the person that is receiving them. Here at Uneedum, we offer a number of Zen gifts, perfect for any occasion. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Zen Garden
No matter the size of your home, there is a Zen garden for you – a tabletop version, desktop or large full size zen garden that you can design, take and display in your home. Zen gardens, originating in Japan include raked sand which represents the sea, and stones or rocks that represent islands and mountains. Zen gardens can be raked, giving the user calmness and providing a source of well-being.

Paint By Numbers
One of the best mindfulness activities to do is a piece of art. This bright and colourful sunflower themed paint by numbers is due to brighten up anyone’s mood. Paint by numbers help slow down your thought process, allowing you to focus on a simple task. Mindfulness artwork has a long history within meditation and is a great gift for any creative soul.

If you are looking for a mindful gift that will give the recipient inner peace, then consider buying them the healing power of crystals. Selenite crystals in particular are known for their peaceful properties that can calm their owner, healing them and giving them clarity. The crystal is also known for cleansing energy, removing negative energy around it.

While some crystals need to be recharged, Selenite does not. It is also commonly used during meditation practices due to its calming properties.

Buddha Statue
If you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member that loves meditating, and wants to create a calming Zen space in their home, then a Buddha statue will be a great addition to any space. Experts in zen living and meditation believe that having a Buddha in your home means that it installs a positive and balancing atmosphere. Our stunning Buddha is made in a calming stone shade and features a lotus throne. Around the head of the Buddha is a floral chakra wheel. Giving this as a gift with not only improve a person’s zen décor, but also their well-being.

Meditation Bracelets and Malas
A bracelet is a special gift that shows you care for the person you are buying for. If they are interested in a Zen lifestyle, meditation and mindfulness then a meditation bracelet will help enhance their practice. This is because the bracelet is made from natural sandalwood beads. Sandalwood is known to increase the powers of meditation while delivering a woody and spicy scent. This bracelet comes in three different color options giving you more choice – white, red or black.

Meditation Guides
If you have a friend or family member that is looking to begin meditating, then why not buy them a guide to help them discover the practice. Mindfulness and meditation have been found to have many benefits including reducing stress and boosting energy levels. Our meditation guide includes a detailed but easy to read book, access to meditation videos that will help a person follow along and 48 affirmation and meditation cards to use daily. Altogether, the set includes 18 different meditations from beginnings breathing meditation to meditation focused on compassion, to more advanced meditation. This will allow for a person to build their skills as they go.

Gratitude Journal
One type of gift that has grown in popularity in recent years is journals – and in particular, gratitude journals. These notepads are designed to be a personal outlet, allowing an individual to reflect on their life and identify what they have to be grateful for. Generally, gratitude journals are completed every day, and over time can improve a persons mindset, making them a more positive person and improving their mental health and well-being. Our pink OMG gratitude journal is leather bound and decorated with beautiful gold foil stamping. A great gift for any young women.

Essential Oil Diffuser
One key part of Zen décor is the use of essential oils to fill your room with fragrance that will calm and rejuvenate. Natural essential oils are better than manmade artificial scents as they have positive benefits to the body. If you are looking for a small, but thoughtful gift an essential oil diffuser is a great idea. Our essential oil pen diffuser contains calming Lavender oil perfect for aromatherapy and relaxation. This gift is both functional and therapeutic- a great choice.

Book on Chakras
For those looking to learn more about their body and the Chakras within them, The Power of Chakra set is a great gift idea. The set contains a beautiful and bright book packed full of information on the seven Chakras and how they balance your mind, body and soul. It details how a person can begin practicing meditations, chakra exercises and breathing visualisations to help improve their lifestyle. Additionally, the set includes 48 affirmation cards based around the seven Chakras that can be used as daily mantras.

Yoga/Meditation Shawls
For those who meditate regularly, a thoughtful mindful gift would be a mantra shawl. This shawl can be worn when practicing meditation or praying and can also be used as part of home décor. The shawl is excellent quality and is made from a soft and light fabric making it very comfortable. The shawl is hand dyed answers the design is hand-printed in terracotta with the special Maha Mantra, written in Sanskrit lettering. Made by a group of Indian artists from natural jute fabric, the shawl is a unique and kind gift to receive.

No matter the type of meditation gifts you are looking for, you will be able to find it at Uneedum.com, the mindfulness and meditation experts. We focus on both spiritual and emotional wellbeing, allowing people to discover the impact that yoga, mindfulness and meditation can have on their lives. Share the gift of balanced living today, at Uneedum.com


Remember to have fun, be good to yourself, and keep the balance. We want to make all your spaces happy places! Thanks so much for shopping with us at Uneedum!

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