Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation Tips for Beginners

Our hectic routine and tough schedules make it different from taking out some time for ourselves. We have studies, work, relationships and several commitments that we need to live up to before finally calling it a day. These responsibilities keep increasing with age, and it becomes difficult to de-stress.

One simple and effective solution for most mental health complications is meditation. While most people have heard of the many benefits of meditation, they don't know where to begin, which is why we have rounded up the most basic tips that will be helpful for all beginners.

How to Get Started

The following tips will help you get started with meditation:

1.     Begin Early

The best time for meditation is early in the day. This means you should start meditation as soon as you wake up. The earlier you’re up, the more time you will have for yourself. Starting early will also keep you fresh throughout the entire day.

2.     Fixed Timing

While it's preferred to meditate early in the day, you can perform this activity any time in the day. However, it's important to try to build a fixed routine where you make a habit of meditating at the same time every day.

3.     The Environment

The environment and location matter a lot when it comes to meditating. You could also explore your creative side while choosing a location for meditation. Furthermore, it would help if you tried to meditate in the same place as it keeps you focused and motivated. However, we understand that there are times when one has to improvise. Therefore, you should try to look for a calm and quiet corner and a place that inspires you wherever you are and start meditating.

4.     Your Comfort Comes First

It's very important to remember that you're meditating for your comfort and relaxation. Therefore, if you ever feel uncomfortable with a particular pose, then you shouldn't do it as it will not let you relax properly.

For instance, some people find it disturbing to sit crossed-legged, which is why they shouldn’t sit that way. You could also use a meditation pillow to help you sit more comfortably.

How to Meditate?

The following steps will teach you how to meditate properly:

1.     Natural Breathing

Meditation is all about breathing. The poses with breathing exercises help to form a connection between your mind, body and soul. However, you shouldn't be too obsessed with the way you breathe, and you should allow your breath to flow naturally.

2.     Practice Mindfulness

Meditation helps to boost mindfulness. While meditating, you should focus on the moment as it will help to make you feel calmer and more relaxed. While it helps to make you feel relaxed, you should also try your best to implement this mindfulness in all the activities throughout your day.

Do’s and Don’ts of Meditation

The following are the most common do’s and don’ts of meditation:

1.     Progress Gradually

Like most exercises, you need to take things slow with meditation as well. You shouldn’t expect dramatic changes within one day. You can't learn everything in one day either. Therefore, you need to be patient with the progress of this activity and enhance your practice gradually.

Furthermore, it would help if you also started practicing mindfulness to prevent your mind from going to another place while meditating since a wandering mind is a sign of anxiety.

2.     Meditate Whenever You Find Time

If you're someone who can't build a fixed meditating routine, then you should make a habit of doing it whenever you find the time. You should never delay meditating because then you might end up giving up on it completely due to your busy routine.

3.     It’s Okay to Miss a Few Sessions

We know how busy you can get. It's hard to manage everything with the daily grind, and we want you to go easy on yourself. Therefore, it's okay to miss a few sessions in a week or a month.

However, please remember that few are the keyword, so you should also try not to turn it into a habit. There are days when one feels extremely tired and exhausted, with zero energy, so you are allowed to cut yourself some slack on those days and skip a few sessions.

4.     Practice Different Types of Meditation

You might be surprised to know that there are different types of meditation, and you can choose which one suits you the best. While most types involve poses and breathing practices, some kinds of meditation also involve the use of Buddhist prayer beads. Therefore, you should try as many styles as you can and then decide which one is the best for you.

5.     Find a Nice Spot

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. Having a quiet corner is all that matters when it comes to meditating successfully. It doesn't matter if you can't meditate in the same place every day because all you really need is a calm space where you can sit and meditate in peace. If you need to create the mood, you might consider tapestries, buddha statues, yoga mats, meditation cushions or other meditation gear for your space. 

6.     Practice Patience

If there's one thing that meditation teaches you, it's calmness. Therefore, you should be calm and patient with yourself and your progress as well. It would be best if you gave yourself some time before you can completely get the hang of meditation and see some progress.

7.     Meditation Technology

We have a lot of digital help in today's day and age. However, it's best to stick to an app or video that guides you through and through the meditation process. If you start looking into different sources, then it will confuse you, and you might not get your desired results. 

8.     Meditate with Others

It always helps to work out in a group, and the same goes for meditation. If you do this activity in a group, you will get to learn from others, and you can motivate one another to stay focused.

Final Word

Meditation is extremely beneficial for your overall well-being. However, most people don’t understand how to add meditation to their daily routine, which is why we hope our compact guide will help you on your journey to a healthier life.


Remember to have fun, be good to yourself, and keep the balance. We want to make all your spaces happy places! Thanks so much for shopping with us at Uneedum!

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