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Meditation Styles

Meditation is a physical activity that is extremely beneficial for your mental health. It allows you to relax and de-stress with the help of therapeutic poses and breathing exercises. However, we have been spoiled for meditation choices as it comes in various styles.

Most people find it confusing to understand which style is the best for them, so we present this thorough framework for guiding you regarding various meditation styles.

Which One is Right for You?

There are various ways to meditate, and the style that suits your aims and experience level is the one that's best for you.

What are the Different Ways to Meditate?

The following are the different ways to meditate:

1.     Mindfulness Meditation

This meditation stems from a Buddhist background, and it is one of the most followed styles today. This technique requires you to assess all your thoughts and be mindful of what you're thinking. However, you're not allowed to be affected by them or judge those thoughts in any way. You can also use Buddhist prayer beads during this style.

Once you take notice of your thoughts' pattern, it makes you more aware, and it makes you feel in charge of your emotions and thoughts. This style will empower you to control your thoughts rather than being controlled by them. This technique is ideal for people who practice meditation with zero guidance.

2.     Spiritual Meditation

This style of meditation is more widely practiced among Hindus and Christians. As the name suggests, spiritual meditation is like praying and forming a deeper bond with God.

This style involves the use of several essential oils such as myrrh, cedar, frankincense, Sage and sandalwood. This style is perfect for someone who years for spiritual enlightenment.

3.     Focused Meditation

Focused meditation requires you to utilize your five senses. This means that concentrating on inner growth will help you experience external improvement as well. This type of meditation is done using Buddhist prayer beads to increase your focus. You could also use a candle.

The main goal here is to practice mindfulness and prevent your mind from wandering away or deviating by staying focused on your particular thoughts. This meditation does wonders for people who want to increase their concentration.

4.     Movement Meditation

Movement meditation requires you to move. While many people confuse it with a sofa, it's important to remember that you could practice this style while moving in any way. You could meditate while walking or strolling casually as well.

5.     Mantra Meditation

This type of meditation originates from the Hindu and Buddhist teachings since it requires the Om mantra. However, you don't need to repeat this mantra out loud as long as you chant it.

Once you start chanting it, you will notice yourself becoming more alert of your surroundings. Chanting mantras is also really helpful for improving your breathing as well. It is also helpful for the people who don’t feel comfortable in complete silence.

6.     Transcendental Meditation

This style has been making waves in the world of science. It allows you to use any phrases or words of your choice as long as it helps you meditate, find peace, and increase concentration. This style is different from mantra meditation since that is only limited to chanting the word Om.

7.     Progressive Relaxation

Progressive Relaxation is also famous for the term body scan meditation. This type of meditation focuses solely on reducing your overall stress and improving your mental health by making you feel more relaxed. This meditation works through the gradual contraction and Relaxation of your muscles that also helps to make you more relaxed.

This style is so relaxing and calming that it often makes you feel the movement of a mild relaxing upsurge through your body that helps to reduce all signs of stress and anxiety. This meditation is really helpful when you want to clear your mind and relax after a hectic day.

8.     Loving-Kindness Meditation

Everyone needs a little self-love. It’s important for everyone to love and accept themselves as they are before they seek love and approval from others. The Loving-Kindness Meditation is based on improving your feels of kindness, love and compassion towards yourself and others.

This means you need to train your mind to become more open to receiving compliments and affection from others while sending out the same positive vibes to them as well. This style is perfect for anyone who is experiencing poor self-esteem and anger issues.

9.     Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation is a style that involves concentrating on improving your feelings of peace, Relaxation and calmness by imagining healthy and mood uplifting scenes of scenarios.

You need to get as creative as possible with your imagination and use all your senses to make the most of this technique. You could also use this style to imagine success at work or school, and it will make you more focused on achieving your goals and improving your mood.

Do the Different Meditation Styles have Different Benefits?

Most meditation styles offer the same benefits: reduced stress, anxiety, depression, improved mental well-being, improved breathing, blood pressure management, and optimal sleep quality.

Should they Match my Goals and Experience Level?

Yes, the meditation you choose should match your goals and experience levels. If you're just starting, you should opt for some milder meditation styles, and if you have been practicing for quite some time, you can go with more complex forms of meditation.

Final Word

Meditation has several benefits, and it can be the perfect way to manage stress and seek spiritual enlightenment. You can start practicing it for five to ten minutes a day, and then you should aim to take it up to twenty to thirty minutes per day.

You should also try as many meditating styles as possible as they will allow you to decide which style suits you the best. You should also make sure that you have a good time while meditating and never perform it as a chore and make yourself as comfortable as you can with the help of a nice quiet environment and props such as a meditation pillow or other meditation gear.


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