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Difference Between White and Pink Himalayan Salt

Are you interested in gemstones, minerals, and crystals? If so, you have likely heard about Himalayan salt. You may have even been trying to learn about Himalayan salt for a while now. If so, this guide can help you to learn more about it. Did you know there are some differences between white and pink Himalayan salt? It isn’t all the same.

Iron Content and Colors

Himalayan mineral salt is found in numerous colors and shades. These colors can vary from deep reds and oranges to pinks and pure white or a combination of these colors. There are so many colors of Himalayan salt because it is infused with iron and dozens of other minerals. The more iron that is in the Himalayan salt, the more pink, red, or orange that will be in that particular crystal.

Just like every other gemstone, mineral, or crystal, if iron is in it, the color will vary. For instance, selenite is usually white. However, when it has iron in it, the selenite will become a bright-orange color. In addition, over time, amethyst can be exposed to iron through pressure and heat and will become citrine. This is when it is light-yellow to dark-orange in color.

The iron content is just one of the differences between white and pink Himalayan salt.

White Himalayan Salt is Not as Common

Usually white Himalayan salt is found in outer areas of a salt mine. It is very low in iron which is why it is white in color. This type of Himalayan salt isn’t as common as the pink Himalayan salt, but just as effective. If you are looking for a white Himalayan salt lamp, you will notice it is more expensive than pink Himalayan salt. The main reason for that is because it is much more difficult to find and extract white Himalayan salt.

With this being noted, when white Himalayan salt is heated, it will release some negative ions that purify the air. This is similar to what pink Himalayan salt does. They are not so different in that aspect.

Getting a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Does it matter what type of Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket you get? You could choose to get a white or a pink Himalayan Salt Lamp. The white ones are beautiful and have healing properties, as well. However, the pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket is much more common. If you do find a white Himalayan salt lamp, it may be more expensive and offer the same benefits as a pink one.

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Benefits of Himalayan Salt

As previously noted, you will get similar benefits between the white and the pink Himalayan salt. The main difference is that white Himalayan salt is more difficult to find, so it is more expensive. With this being said, there are many benefits of Himalayan salt that you should know about.

Balancing Electromagnetic Radiation

Just about everyone these days has cell phones, televisions, tablets, and computers in their home. Each of these devices sends positive ions into the surrounding air. When this is happening, there is an increased amount of electromagnetic radiation being emitted. While you can’t see this, it can cause many issues for you and others in the home. Some examples of these issues are stress and a weakened immune system. However, if you get a Himalayan Salt Lamp to put into your home it can send negative ions into the air to block out the positive ions released from those devices.

Cleansing and Purifying the Air

Did you know that a Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket can help to clean the air in your home? It does this through hygroscopy. This means that it attracts and then absorbs the contaminated h2o molecules in the air and stores them in the Himalayan salt.

Does someone in your home have allergies to mildew, mold, pet dander, or dust? If so, your home may need to be cleansed and purified. This type of basket can be the best Zen Décor to add to your home.

Boosting Energy

When all the positive ions from devices are released into the air, they can decrease one’s energy. Do you find that you and others in your home are constantly tired or just out of energy most of the time? If so, you may need to have a Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket in your home. These lamps can combat the positive ions in the air by releasing negative ions. This can help to refresh everyone’s energy.

Better Concentration and Productivity

The ions that are released into the air from devices don’t only deplete one’s energy. They can lead to stress and reduced productivity. However, if you have a Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket in your home, the negative ions can increase the oxygen and blood supply to your brain. This helps with improved concentration and productivity.

Better Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? If you have been exposed to the positive ions from devices for too long, they can reduce the oxygen and blood supply to your brain. This could be what is causing the sleeping issues you are having. Since the Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket will release negative ions, it can reverse those effects. This is one of the reasons why you see many people placing these lamps near their bed.


Every type of Himalayan mineral salt is beneficial. Whether you want to try out the white Himalayan salt products or the pink Himalayan salt products, they can promote increased health and healing benefits. When a bulb from these lamps heats up, they help the salt to release those negative ions. This helps to block out those positive ions that are released from devices in your home. In addition to all of the amazing health and healing benefits you can get from Himalayan salt, they also make for great Zen Décor in the home, as well.

Remember to have fun, be good to yourself, and keep the balance. We want to make all your spaces happy places! 

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