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Quick Tips to Create Happy Spaces

Happiness and happy spaces go together.  It is easy to create positive spaces at home with a few simple changes and additions.  

Declutter - Eliminate things you don’t need. When we declutter, we bring create a sense of power and control in our lives which can reduce anxiety in a major way. You can add some décor and declutter at the same time with fun storage ideas like baskets, racks, and bins.  You can also add beautiful blinds with color and texture like those from PeterJohn Interiors.  
Add the Positive - In place of clutter, decorate your spaces with things that make you happy.  That might be an uplifting saying, pop of color, or one of your favorite things. There are so many fun products  and  upbeat signs and sayings to decorate with - and they won't break the bank!
Conversation Pieces - Highlight a conversation piece. It can be something quirky, something you made, or something that has a memory or story behind it. Not only will it make you spontaneously smile, it will start conversations (and likely compliments) from visitors - which always feels good!
    Bring in a little wellness - Bring in the happiness!  Improve the air in your home, your mood, the ambiance, and add some healing scents.  You'll love all the ideas for aromatherapy diffusers and salt lamps - they can create an instant mood shift and bring in the positive energy. 
    Surround yourself with happiness and make all your spaces happy places!
    Have fun and shop with us at www.uneedum.com

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