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Getting Started with Feng Shui

If you're interested in using feng shui to increase harmony, prosperity, and balance in your home or office, but know little about the subject, you'll benefit from these helpful tips. Use them and you can expect to see positive changes in your life and environment. 

Rounded edges generate harmony

Anything with a sharp edge is considered negative in feng shui--the tip of a pointy plant leaf or the corner of a square table for instance. The thought underlying the idea is pointed objects create unseen poison arrows of negative energy, thus causing disharmony. 

Mostly, round shaped objects increase well-being and tranquillity. If you can't swap current pointed items for round edged goods, soften them with tablecloths and throws. Alternatively, make sure pointed edges don't face areas where you sit or walk.

Mirrors create abundance

Mirrors reflect things and so create the energy of abundance. However, beware. You might want an abundance of friends, and so place mirrors strategically to reflect visitors, but you probably don't want an abundance of clutter. Aim to reflect items that generate positive energy, like gold colored objects, healthy plants, and natural light from outside. 

It's unwise to place mirrors to reflect doors or beds--positive energy might be reflected out of a door. Also, in your sleepy state upon waking, you don't want to catch sight of movement in a mirror and imagine an intruder's in the house. Mirrors should be kept clean and unbroken and reflect people at head level, if not the whole body, so as not to cut their reflection off at the neck.

Fresh Chi is healthy

Chi, also known as energy must be fresh according to feng shui. Stagnant Chi is rife in cluttered areas and rooms where air never flows. Solve the potential problem by opening windows when possible to allow fresh air to circulate. Also, get rid of clutter and rubbish. However, don't shove things under chairs, tables and beds to get them out the way since this will block the stream if Chi.

Objects should represent what you want

You want your living space full of health and prosperity, no doubt, in which case make sure the items you bring into rooms are in great condition. Chipped, cracked, ripped, and dirty things bring poor health, deterioration, and poverty indoors. Likewise, dead/dried flowers, peeling wallpaper, and piles of unwashed dishes lower the health of Chi.

If you understand the law of attraction, you will have a good idea about the laws of feng shui too. Basically, like attracts like. Items associated with health, tranquillity, prosperity and so forth, will attract more of the same. Similarly, goods in a poor state attract the equivalent in terms of Chi and invite negativity.

There's much more to learn about feng shui if you're a novice, but noting the basic ideas mentioned here will greatly enhance healthy Chi and help to generate positivity.


Remember to have fun, be good to yourself, and keep the balance. We want to make all your spaces happy places! Thanks so much for shopping with us at Uneedum!

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