Feng Shui Basics: How Color Can Affect Your Mood

Feng Shui Basics: How Color Can Affect Your Mood

Adding the balance and energy of Zen to your home is easy.  Bring in water elements, minimalist style, and positive energy with a touch of Zen décor. 

The colors and placement of your home's furniture and décor make a difference too.  According to Feng Shui principles, the placement of the contents of your home affects how comfortable and happy you feel living there. Directions and elements all play an important role in decorating. Color also has great meaning attached to it. Depending on the purpose of each room, there are color do’s and don'ts.
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The colors you find yourself in or choose to immerse yourself in can affect your mood. While some help you to feel calm and relaxed, others may stimulate and inspire you. Here is a quick color mood guide to help with color selections, then you can get started painting!


White signifies cleanliness and vibrancy. An all-white room is stunning, but it can also feel cold.  When used as an accent color, white adds spark and light for balance. White works best in living rooms and bathrooms.


Red has a lot of energy to it. It symbolizes passion, stimulation, and power. It's a good choice for a dining room where it can stimulate the appetite. Red also works well in a playroom. As far as the bedroom goes, red can work but it probably is best for only one wall.


Yellow helps with mental stimulation. A most cheerful and light-hearted color, it is a nice color for kitchens and studios where it helps with creativity. Keep yellow out of the bedroom as it can cause depression.


Green is the color of peace and harmony. Automatically associated with nature, it signifies growth, safety, and healing. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices are good places for green. You probably want to keep green out of the kitchen.  


Blue signifies trust, loyalty, and confidence. A good color for bedrooms, it can promote better sleep. Blue works in offices and also goes well as an accent color. 


The color of royalty, purple symbolizes luxury, romance, and spirituality. It is an excellent choice for a bedroom or study.


Brown is the color of humility and stability. Representing wood or the earth, it's a good choice for dens and living rooms. Entryways painted brown bring a sense of being grounded and at home with yourself.   


Black means power and independence. Rarely chosen as a wall color, it can be quite effective when accented with white. Consider this combination for a hallway. Black accents also work well in white or off-white rooms where it serves to define and outline.
Whatever color you choose for an interior room, make sure to match it to your sensibilities as well as the overall Zen décor of your space. 


Remember to have fun, be good to yourself, and keep the balance. We want to make all your spaces happy places! Thanks so much for shopping with us at Uneedum!

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