Creating a Zen Home: Décor that Brings Tranquility

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Home is where the heart is, at least that’s what all the memorabilia says. However, it’s true - your home should be a place you enjoy being, somewhere you can relax and let your hair down, and a place to be you. Because that’s what you deserve.

We all need a little more tranquility in our lives, coming home from a long shift at work, kicking back, and relaxing in the comfort of your own home watching friends on repeat, for the twentieth time.

However, where do you begin when shopping for Zen home décor? How do you make your home a happy place, a place to relax, an oasis filled with positivity, and a place you confidently call your own?

This article highlights several Zen home décor items, helping you create a tranquil environment, ideal for relaxing, a girls night in, or escaping the stress of modern life.

How to make your home more relaxing

So, the big question: how do you make your home more relaxing? A great start is always a candle or two, preferably scented. A great smelling home is just the beginning, setting the mood and allowing you to kick back.

Secondly, we recommend investing in some artwork, preferably a piece or two that brings relaxing vibes, think family, love, and motivation, or something that perfectly represents your personality.

With that being said, we do have a few Zen décor products or Zen gifts you may be interested in.

Meditation Buddha Statue

The Buddha statue is an excellent addition to a yoga studio or equally as good on a mantlepiece. There’s no better statue for promoting tranquility, representing positive vibes, beautiful décor, and positive energy.

To view this product, click here.

Soy candle

As we mentioned previously, there’s nothing quite like a candle to change a room’s atmosphere. The beautiful smell and slow burn is enough to send you into an abyss, whether that’s paired with reading a book or a home pampering session is up to you.

The burn time on this candle is approximately fifty-hours, long-lasting and great for creating tranquil vibes.

To view this product, click here.

Motivation wall art

Motivational wall art is the latest trend in home décor, leading on from the all-time classic: “live, laugh, love.” The Love metal wall art is all the motivation you need to feel positive, relaxed, and safe at home.  A reminder to put love and acting with love, front and center in your life.  

To view this product, click here.

Motivational saying pillow throw

The final Zen product we have for you is the motivational saying pillow throw. Hand-sewn and re-enforcing you with positive energy, the pillow throw is a reminder to be the best you possible.

To view this product, click here.

There is no set formula for creating a relaxing space, bringing tranquility to your home. It’s about experimenting, seeing what works for you and what makes you feel relaxed.


Remember to have fun, be good to yourself, and keep the balance. We want to make all your spaces happy places! 

Thanks so much for shopping with us at Uneedum!

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