Choosing Your Meditation Mantra

Choosing Your Meditation Mantra

What if a single word or phrase could shift your mindset to attract positive energy to your life? A mantra is a sacred sound, word, or group of words, traditionally chanted in the ancient Sanskrit language and used to aid in concentration during meditation. Although today, it is a term often described as a phrase that is used to inspire you to be your best self, or in other words, to raise your vibration.

Why does this work? Well, because mantras are repetitive sounds that work their way into the subconscious mind and are vibrated through chanting, mental practice, or through listening, you can use them to adjust the vibration of any aspect of your being. It is the same concept that we apply to affirmations, which, if you have ever practiced self-affirmation, can alter your mindset because your subconscious mind is trained to respond the way you speak to it. So, it's important to remember that the next time you talk to yourself - be mindful of what you say!

Speaking of mindfulness, you can use a mantra to manifest whatever it is you wish to – such as joy or self-love. This means that mantras are set with intention, so when you choose a mantra, you should choose one that aligns with your inner motivations because you will use it to help you focus on them.

How exactly do you choose a mantra?
First, you want to decide on your intention. What are you looking to have more of in your life? Is it self compassion? Self-love? These are just some ideas.

Second, use your intention when creating or choosing your mantra, meaning you want to connect with your mantra authentically. So, if a phrase such as "Om Shanti," which means "peace" in Sanskrit, is difficult for you to remember or you don't resonate with it, you might choose to say "I am peace" instead. Go with your gut and trust the way you feel when you hear and say it.

While you want your mantra to be unique to you, there is no need to feel pressured to come up with some eloquent phrase or avoid one because it's been used before. What matters is you connect to it in some way, you repeat it throughout the day or during meditation, and that it helps you direct and channel your best intentions. On that note, if you come up with something on your own that is simple to remember, go for it!

Here are some more modern-day mantras that you might use, especially if you don't connect much with Sanskrit:

I am love.
My body is a temple.
I give it what it needs.
I am willing to learn.
I open myself up to universal gifts.
I am here.
I speak with confidence.
I am enough.
Here are a few Sanskrit mantras that you might choose from as well:

Sat Nam
I am truth.
Om (pronounced like "Aum")
This is the sound of the Universe, and it represents consciousness.
Om Namah Shivaya
"I bow to Shiva." Use this mantra to connect to your highest self - your divine nature.
How do you use mantras with malas?

Using a mantra with your prayer beads is just like how you would follow your breath when controlling it. Repeat your mantra at each of the malas (prayer beads) rather than exhaling and inhaling at each one. Whether you are seated for formal meditation or simply going about your day, malas or no malas, do whatever feels right for you when it comes to your mantra. There is no wrong way to do this; just remember to keep it short, memorable, and personal, and repeat it over and over to manifest big magic!


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