Create Happy Spaces

Create Happy Spaces

With a couple of simple tweaks, you can add a bit more serenity to your home.  Or, make a “peace” space for yourself.  You can have a little fun making some of these changes.

  1. Add soothing colors. Think spa. Creams, grey blues, soft beiges are calmer, softer colors as compared to the sharp white that so many of us put on our walls. Don't want to paint yourself? You can hire a painter like Lang’s Painting.  Don’t want to paint at all? No problem.  You can add warm colors in your Zen accents like pillows, drapes, throws, and rugs.
  2. Keep it simple. Yes, decluttering always brings more peace of mind. Also think simple lines and basic styles in your décor.  This doesn’t mean you have to be a plain jane either. Just by keeping your décor simple, your wall décor balance, and your furniture sized right, you can make your space more inviting and serene.  Floors and walls matter too.   
  3. Peak your senses. We are influenced by what we see, but also by what we hear, smell, and feel.  Bring all your senses into your home design with fun and soothing accent pieces like sand gardensdiffusers, and positive wall art.  

With just a few simple changes, you can make your home or favorite room a place to truly unwind, regroup, and relax.

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