How to Beat the Winter Blues

In the wintertime, the outside is much colder and darker, leading people to go indoors and shift into a warm cocoon. Although this is undoubtedly a cozy time of year, it can also be very isolating, leading to feelings of loneliness and depression. In fact, there is even a psychological disorder called S.A.D., which stands for seasonal affective disorder, that directly describes the depressed feeling many people get at this time of the year. These feelings are entirely normal to have at times, but they are not permanent, and there are many simple practices you can do to beat the winter blues and add a little light and joy back into your life! See below to find out more.

4 Simple Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

  1. Practice Joyful Movement

Moving your body releases endorphins into your bloodstream that gives you that natural blissful feeling after a workout. But your exercise doesn’t need to be a punishment or dreary; it can also be a time for fun and joy! Try choosing a form of movement or activity that makes you feel happy or free. An excellent place to start is by trying a dance style you’ve always wanted to learn or simply going for a walk to your favorite park. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to approach the activity with a mindset of joy and curiosity.

  1. Enjoy the Gifts of Meditation

Meditation offers so many gifts to the body, mind, and soul. This profound healing practice can help calm your mind, regulate your nervous system, and shift your consciousness into a peaceful state. Many psychologists recommend using meditation for stress relief and to improve your mood, energy, and focus. Even practicing a basic breath awareness meditation for 5 minutes can offer profound benefits.

  1. Connect with Others

One of the main factors that lead to depression in the winter is loneliness and isolation that is common during this time of year. That is why it is vital to reach out to your family and friends and form a connection. Try setting up a weekly friendly gathering to connect with people. Whether it is virtually on Zoom or in person, connecting with other people can help shift your perspective and give you some much-needed love and care.

  1. Invest in Your Self-Care

This time of year is a fantastic opportunity to invest in yourself and take care of your inner being. We often neglect to take care of ourselves during these difficult moments, when it is what we need the most. Self-care can come in so many different forms. It can be as simple as cooking a delicious and healthy meal, or it can be a full spa day to relax your mind and nourish your body.


The winter blues are common, but they will not last forever. By trying some of the above-described practices, you can beat those sad feelings and bring light back into your day. Meditation, in particular, offers many healing gifts to the body, mind, and soul. So, try spending at least 10 minutes every day doing something that brings you joy, and start seeing the transformation happen in your own life.


Remember to have fun, be good to yourself, and keep the balance. We want to make all your spaces happy places! 

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