Harmony Word

The Power of Positive Thoughts

How do you talk to yourself?  Do you give yourself compliments all day long?  Or, like most of us, is your inner dialogue a constant barrage of insults, put downs, and critiques?

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. -  Mahatma Gandhi

Great quote and very true.  This is much, much harder to do. It makes sense, though, that we are happier and more content when our minds, body, and actions are in sync. Stop and listen sometimes to all the conversations you have with yourself in your head. You will be surprised at how you talk to yourself.

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I know I am often critical, negative Nellie, worst case scenario by default.  I would never expect someone else to feel good, happy, or succeed with constant negative input, so why would it be helpful for me?   I have to consciously stop that negative chatter and think and say positive (and usually correct) things to myself. 

  • You handled that well.
  • You look great today
  • You hair turned out fantastic
  • Your such a good mom
  • This is all going to work out
  • You kicked ass on that!

Please pay more attention to how you speak to yourself.  With practice, you can retrain your inner conversations to automatically default to positive compliments, outlooks, and encouragement.

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