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Home Cleansing Smudge Kit - Sage, Selenite and Palo Santo

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Rid your home of negative energy with this home cleansing smudge kit.  This trio contains all you need for clearing your space and bringing in the positive.  This all in one smudge kit contains: One 3 inch selenite stick, one 4 inch white sage, and one 3 inch Palo Santo.

  • Selenite Crystals are remarkably peaceful. They instill a deep sense of inner peace, clarity and carry a very high vibration that makes them ideal for healing. Find out more about the healing properties of Selenite

  • White Sage is used for healing. The smoke is uses to bless, cleanse and heal the person or object being smudged. 

  • Palo Santo is a natural wood, known for centuries by Incas as spiritual remedy. 


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