Spiritual Growth Ritual Kit
Spiritual Growth Ritual Kit
Spiritual Growth Ritual Kit

Spiritual Growth Ritual Kit

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This Spiritual Growth Kit will get you feeling grounded, open and deeply aligned with your beautiful, radiant soul.

 Kit includes:

Kyanite is a high energy crystal, opening up our third eye.  Kyanite opens up lines of communication, enhances feelings of tranquility, and heals energy channels. 


Selenite is known as "liquid light." Associated with the moon, this crystal allows for mental clarity. It clears confusion and strengthens divine intuition.


Clear Quartz is the most versatile healing crystal. It is known as a stone of power, protecting against negative energy, relieving pain, and magnifying your intentions.

Palo Santo Smoke Stick -produces ions which wash away free radicals, airborne pathogens, and bad energies. Palo Santo smoke will cleanse your space and allow for new opportunities and possibilities to manifest. 

Abalone Shell has been used for centuries for smoke cleansing. It calls in the element of water, while the Sage calls in earth, the candle flame calls in fire, and the smoke calls in air. 

Gratitude Blend is a blend of Nutmeg, Clary Sage, Lavender and Frankincense is deeply grounding, while also opening your senses and consciousness to greater wisdom.

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