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Malachite Mala Necklace with 108 Prayer Beads

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There is something very special about this Malachite Mala Necklace.  Malachite prayer beads are known to provide powerful grounding energy, protection from negative energy, and help with business success, vision quests and meditation.

Use for meditation purposes or as necklace or bracelet by wrapping around your wrist. The corresponding mantra is Om Sri Mahalaksmyai Namah.

  • Handmade Malachite Mala
  • Source of powerful grounding energy
  • Sealed for energetic protection
  • 108 polished malachite beads
  • Supports artisans in India.

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Why our customers love it: Each mala is carefully handmade by artisans in India, where the spiritual practice of these prayer beads originated.  The 108 round beads are carved and polished malachite, a marbled green, crystallized mineral that has the feel of stone. A powerful source of sacred energy, no one else should touch these beads. It is highly important to keep your mala away from external energy.

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