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ice cream family board game
ice cream family board game
ice cream family board game

Family Board Game - Ice Cream You Scream

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You’ll be screaming for joy as you serve up scoops of ice cream with your family! You and your friends are ice cream entrepreneurs, each with your own ice cream shop. To make your customers happy, you’ll scoop out as much vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint ice cream as you can. Just make sure not to get a brain freeze or topple your scoops with too many cherries on top!

ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! is easy to learn in a few minutes and you can knock out a game for 2 players in 20 minutes. Each new player adds about 10 minutes of playing time. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can use the flip-side of the game board for the advanced “Specialty Cones.” 

  • Super Fun Family Board Game
  • 5 years and up
  • Great gift for the holidays!

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