Himalayan Salt lamp Basket
Salt chunks basket lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket in Rosewood

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The origin of Himalayan sea salt is from the sea beds at the base of the Himalaya, which is meticulously hand carved and displayed in an elegant rosewood basket. These Himalayan Salt Baskets are famous for their mood-lifting properties.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket contains the pure and organic Himalayan Salt Chunks that are hand-carved and unique in their shapes.

  • Salt Gems Crystal Rock Salt Rosewood Basket is a thing of beauty. The adorable hand-carved Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket is ideal to be displayed in beauty spas, salons, restaurants, living rooms, and bedrooms. The soothing effect of this illuminating piece adds serenity to any place
  • The Salt Gems Himalayan Salt Rosewood Basket is available in natural orange, pink and red shades. These are quite durable pieces and if kept out of wet places can last for a lifetime
  • Item Weight 5 pounds, Product Dimensions 6 x 6 x 7.5 inches
  • Included Components Electric Cord + Bulb


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