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Himalayan Salt Plank with Wood Holder

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Himalayan Salt Plank is mined deep underground from Himalayan Mountains. They are naturally antimicrobial and easy to clean. We cook on the salt surface such as chicken, fish, thinly sliced beef or even an egg. Grilling, chilling, searing, and serving on these planks or Chill in the refrigerator and serve on top fruits, sushi, vegetables, cheese, and desserts.

  • 100% Himalayan salt imparts naturally rich, salty flavor
  • Set includes salt plank and wood salt plank holder
  • Heat and use as a cooking surface or chill to keep food cool
  • Great for presentation
  • Use on grill or gas range, or in refrigerator
  • Weight: 5.00lb . Length: 11.5 " . Width: 7.5 " . Height: 2 "

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