Easy Farmhouse Kitchens

I just love the farmhouse style.  Especially in the kitchen.  It creates the warm and cozy feeling you get when you gather with old friends. A farmhouse style kitchen conjures up warm memories of the past when times were simpler but still give you modern day appliances and conveniences to make your life easier. It’s the best of both worlds.

It is easy to add farmhouse character to your kitchen space.  Just a couple of accent pieces can make a big change in the look and feel.  If you’re like me, you don’t have a huge budget to transform your décor all at once.  So, create your farmhouse kitchen one piece at a time.  

 Clocks are a great place to start.  The   options are endless as well as the price   ranges.  With many vintage styles, clocks   make it easy to add farmhouse character to   your walls or counterspace. You can also   hang old fashioned, weathered wood signs,   vintage pots and pans, or frames holding old   farm recipes.

Metal trays, racks, and other accent pieces are great starters for your farmhouse kitchen.  Most offer both style and functionality, making metal farmhouse kitchenware a money saving choice.  My favorites are the serving trays which can be used to display dinnerware or used as servers for entertaining.  Tin milk pitchers and metal wall containers are perfect for adding southern style floral arrangements. 

The possibilities for creating a warm farmhouse style kitchen are endless. You spend the weekends searching yard and garage sales for unique pieces to give your old farmhouse kitchen character. Then you can enjoy inviting friends to share a cup of tea with you in your cozy new quarters.

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